Monday, August 17, 2009

Get the Prom Look.x

Hiya , if you are the ultimate girl and love glamming iup, then i have a puuurfect hairstyle for ss and non ss. follow the pics.

Change your hairstyle 2 this and hit save

Go to the starplaza and then starsparkles and go on splendid

On page 4 on headwear thre are the plaits, buy 2 of them.

stack them up on the top of your head, like this.

Then you will have your prom hair........ BUT

Follow these steps if your superstar

Go too voile

On the 1st page will be a tiara, click on that and put it in your hair

there you will have a totally cute accsesorie.

Follow these stepsif your non-ss

stay at splendid

on page 6 will be a tiara

click on taht and put in your hair.

There you will have a gorgeous accsesorie aswell.

NOTE: if you havent got enough money for 2 plaits, get one with play and earn one day and wait till the next to get the other. Also, save up buying accsesories if you allreay have cute ones what will go with the look.
Love, Happiness, Lightuppen


  1. kewl!
    it's really pretty!
    - visit me on stardoll, sweet_cute_girl

  2. nice,but the nss tiara is page 5

  3. lol i am not a superstar so i am a bit pissed of i had sex last night with mrcallum the one of stardoll his dick tasted so nice

  4. Oh, i tried this, but you are only alowed to buy one they dont let you buy two, and Anonymous, you are gross, and you should NOT be displaying that on here and Saffy, you shouldnt let that comment be on here!!!! PLEASE take it off!!!