Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Virtual dress!

First of all i am deeply sadened by the loss of our fellow writer. I bid goodbye to L0lit4 who was a big contributor to this blog. I hope you live a happy life(:

Secondly we have found yet another real dress which has been virualy uploaded onto Stardoll:

So pretty(:

* Thank you to born_rocker101 who told me about it*
(aka. MollieSunshine)


  1. i think its a stardoll glitch in star design there is a dress for 1 stardollar ! you just need to make the design and the dress is for nons bwt im gulygurl123abc on stardoll its in my closet!

  2. lol i know my sister got 5 dresses for 2 star dollars i wanted them

  3. Wow lol wish could be that lucky it wont let me buy anything lol so poor only 2 outfits lol missing tunisia where everything on stardoll is cheaper love you Dali (mate on holiday) love you loads and loads see you soon bless u R.I.P... Missy my mates amazing cat peace out man