Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just noticed..

Hey Guys I was on stardoll and was looking around in my suite when I noticed that they now have a sign for the "suite shop"; otherwise known as the minishop. :) Just thought I'd let u guys no that they changed the name and added a sign. I'm not sure if it's like this in every country but it probably is. :)



  1. Hi!
    I live in Poland and when I go to the starplaza there isin't a shop "Moxie Girls".
    To buy something from this shop I must to search it.
    But I can't search a guitar or a radio

  2. Sorry - but I want to set up my own blog like yours. I don't want to copy though. I will use my own ideas and discoveries.... :S

    Anyway, how do you get the screen shot onto a blog? I've been trying to copy and paste it from Word - any suggestions?

  3. Hey! How do you get that free TV? Where it has Disney stuff? :D

    Please tell me, my account is Sidz01 xD x

  4. ola- yes, even tho there isnt a shop you can still get all the clothes from it. luxury76- go on paint and paste the screen shot onto the blank new file. Save it. Then upload it just like a regular image. anonymous- I dont think you can get the tv anymore but i got it but joining the disney club.

  5. just thought you might like to know that i found a glitch.

    Stardoll has just made a new doll available to all 'Selena Gomez 2'

    Well... It's the same as Selena Gomez!

    They are both the same!!!!!

  6. hey! I ALREADY had it on my blog.

  7. HEYY Umm the Lilac PSP surf board is out!!!!

  8. we know da surf board is out azzh0le

  9. yes there is a new suite shop sign and it should be seen in all countrys.

    the lilac psp dart board is out in a couple days so keep looking!

    twinkle twinkle - Callie