Friday, April 23, 2010

Harajuku Lovers Free Items and Camp Rock Free Box

There are a free swimsuit and a CD player. All you have to do to get them is to go to Stardoll and log in and then go to . They will be in your suite. Hope you'll enjoy them.

To get the free Camp Rock box go to and paste in the proxy's URL bar , press enter, log in into Stardoll in that window and they should be in your suite.

Hugs, Ccatalina


  1. hey its me pinkicefairy! :) well thanx so much for the post but the link for the harumika stuff is wrong this is the working link


  2. kool...thanx!!!

  3. thx i was gonna post a complaint about it cuz i did it 14 times but i c the comment now

  4. Thanks ! !
    After following the link for the free camp rock box , i also got a free littlest petshop lava lamp too!
    Has anyone else got this too?
    My stardoll account is


    Thanks Sammieeeeee x :D

  5. yes i got it but i didn't get the harajuka stuff :/ damn I've tried like 100 links

  6. can u get only one item of the collection because it will only let me get one swimsuit

  7. it doesn´t work anymore -.-

  8. this really works
    1.Go to stardoll login.
    2. send request to sandhya_1999hi
    3.join her club love.miley.c
    4. wait for 1 min and there will be gift box in ur suite
    5. send her 2 gifts(vry imp.)

  9. how .......... i cant add sandhya_199hi she is not on stardoll