Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Contest Idea!

Hello! Today I watched TV when an awesome idea came to my mind: a new contest for Stardoll Fanatic. Every week I'll post a theme for questions. In the post's comments everyone can post a question for me, but with that theme. Ask me everything! I'll answer to all your questions. The theme will be available for 5 days (Monday-Friday). On Saturday and Sunday I'll answer to all your questions. The best and most interesting 5 questions will receive every week:
5th- a gift;
4th- 2 gifts;
3rd- 3 gifts;
2nd- one gift, the title of fanatic covergirl for 3 days and the chance to help me to pick the next week's theme;
1st- one gift, the chance to help me to pick the next week's theme, an interview made of 10 questions on the blog, and the title of fanatic covergirl for 4 days.
Everyone who asks me a question will receive a vote as covergirl form me.
Before I start the contest I want to know your opinion. Tell me your opinion. If I start or no the competition it depends to you. If you agree I'll start it on Wednesday and I'll do it every week for more than 3 months, this means hundreds of chances to win and hundreds of prizes to give. Please vote. The poll ends in 3 days. All the best!

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S.: When you ask the question don't forget to leave your stardoll name. ^_^


  1. all i want are cheats and updates oin stardoll this is a horrible idea i think you should only post when something new is on stardoll or something is free if you are going to post about a new category under hobbies let it be something new that was old! and this oh my god this is just horrible i dont want cintests all the time maybe once a week but all the time some of ou writers dont post important stuff you just want to post the most so you come up with stupid ideas i have to say NO NO you are ruining this site look at the older posts they were amazing and this is just a mess!

  2. mmm..excuseme you watever above meh ^^^ if u dont wanna join so dont but dont be rude! anyways Ccatalina (sry for the wrong spelling) its an awsome idea! : ) i m in!

  3. I think it's a great idea Ccatalina! Can't wait for the first theme!

  4. great idea. love it

    SORRY. but isn't winning by asking questions pretty low when you think about it. wouldnt't themes for a dressup be more better i guess.
    but i still like the idea

  6. i like the idea good job but i have to agree with immortalqueen99 dressin up to a theme would be even funner!

  7. I like immortalqueen99s idea better! can you do that instead please please!

  8. sorry but i dont really like your idea..
    asking is not so funny like dressing up ..that is only my opinion ..think about this