Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello everybody, i was just searching and searching how to get spoilers and i found how to get them.
We have to put some code in the URL bar and blah blah blah..
but since i wasn't posting anything from now daily i'll be posting spoilers! Don't think that i will not post anything else then spoilers . No no i'll post the free stuff also..
So here are today's spoilers!
And a wonder girls poster-
I think this poster is a bit weird....
Well..what do you think about these?? :)
See ya


  1. Hey, its saskia-lol , ehm , the queensday stuff isn't there yet, is it?

  2. hey!dat is da wonder girls u r talkin bout right a huge fan of them your words.oh and the orange dress looks lik wierd.if da holes were covered i would luv it!

  3. the dress reminds me of katy perry's dress