Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fab or Drab!

Ok guys so remember that outfit that I asked you guys to vote Fab or Drab for well the results are in and... the outfit was Fab! But not by a landslide, by one vote lol!
So you either hate the outfit or love it! Btw there were 169 votes! So that means you guys can vote but cant comment,whats wrong with you guys lol!

Anyway instead of doing a Fab or Drab outfit today I decided for you guys to vote for the best suite! Here are the suites chosen
  1. Twins18
  2. wwwhhhiiittee
  3. Writemycat
  4. Barb_A
  5. Fraziergal
So vote below and next Sunday we will see who has the best suite!

Which suite is Fab?

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