Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Copy Cat's Always come to an end!

So many blogs have faced this problem and I was so glad we never did until now. So I was checking out some blogs when I cam across Stardoll Confidential, I thought the blog was nice and really cute but something caught my eye this girl sclancy had some posts that were COPIED from Stardoll Fanatic! I soon realized that all her posts were copied except for one where she only copied one of our writer photos for the new party room! She didnt even give us credit except for some posts form TSI! Also she is very sneaky you know at the bottom of each post I like to add this "~Pinkicefairy" and my friend "Hugs,Ccatilina" well guess what she deleted those parts and made sure to delete them! I do not blame the owner as she probably had no idea but I do blame the writer, the writers of this blog all know and I have been trying to tell Ginnycee. So if Sclancy could apologize or she can still copy our posts we just wanted to make sure you guys knew who actually wrote this stuff!

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  1. ok i admit i am very sorry i had to copy 1 of ur photos after that but i gave u credit i have told srudick and all so as i said befour very sorry