Monday, March 29, 2010

Olsenboye Link (If you dont have the store!)

Ok so I got 2 comments saying that they didnt have the store where they lived so I got a link sorry for the wait my computer got a virus before I read the comments :( But anyway here is the link Non-SS_Olsenboye SS_Olsenboye So click on that link <----

And I hope you guys forgive me you probably already have the link but just incase you dont there it is! Btw dont you think the clothes are to die for I mean that skir and tank I have one word for it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! lol and also (I think correct me if I'm wrong) the designers of the line are the Olsen Sisters, I'm glad they designed the clothes because they have such a great since in style! I also went to JCpenny right after I saw the store but my JCpenny didnt have the line yet :( oh well I found some cute jeans lol


  1. well i didnt have the link, so thank you veryy much :)