Monday, March 29, 2010


UPDATE: Ok guys so there is not going to be a new DIY Boutique I guess stardoll Was to lazy to put the objects in the Archive store lol
Ok so alot of the new items seem to say they are from "DIY Boutique" I was excited when I saw this but when I went back to check the stores there was no sign of DIY Boutique! I thought this was very strange considering that all the items are New but there was absolutely no sign of a new store I mean absolutely Nada (Spanish for nothing lol!) So what do you think is Stardoll being lazy once again or is this some ind of special release! :)



  1. the classic black top was available for non-ss last was even in most popular for ages. get your facts right for once, stardoll fanatic!

  2. they're not lazy, are they not allowed to update the archive store with DIY? i don't get your complaint....

  3. im sorry but try reading it again and the clothes were released and put in the archive store a day later so yes everyone thought stardoll was bieng lazy because we didnt know if these were archive or a new DIY boutique and please if you are going to complain dont use anonymous