Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Clean and Clear bottles and Last song Shirt <(Proxy)

Ok so I found out about the clean and clear bottles a while ago but I never could actually get them so here is a way you could try if some others havent worked also you will get "The Last Song" shirt while doing this!

  1. go to http://au.worldproxy.tracking202.com/

  2. Then in the blank box put this in http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/?id=140

  3. Now log in

  4. Let the page load also if it doesn't show you the trailor dont worry just make sure to let the page load!

  5. Go back to regualr stardoll and there will be to gift boxes in your suite!

Thank you Fab-stardoll for the links!


  1. didnt work for me it said flash player 9 required???
    Please help

    User: DonnaFreedman

  2. DonnaFreedman:
    You don't need to watch the video!
    Just go to the regular Stardoll and it will be there!

  3. immortalqueen99(stardoll name)

    i thought i couldnt get it cause it said flash player 9 needed
    you dont even have to watch

  4. this dress is ugllllllllllllly joking its preety

  5. I only got the shirt not the botles.. :P

  6. i suggest its alright

  7. I didn't get it... :( it said that the page was removed or had it's name changed :(