Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hey everyone,
I came up with an idea! Its going to be like covergirl only for SDfanatic.
It will be called spotlight!
And what will happen is a few members will get their headshots posted on the blog every week or so;
to become a spotlight there is nothing you can do...we choose randomly by picking peoples names we see come up often. 
But, you do have to have a good sense of style and/or a nice suite.
If you want to make sure we see your names, you could join our clubs, comment on our suite, buy from our baazars, vote us covergirl, sending us gifts etc.
It doesn't cost anything and you will be able to get tons of visitors to your suite, shop and clubs!
The only rule is : do not ask or beg for the position!
This is a collab between all writers; ginnycee, jessiemar and myself [ktbananaxoxo].....which basically means we all will be picking spotlight girls!

The first spotlight girls will be picked on Friday.
Good Luck !


  1. i think its a awesome idea!

  2. sounds like a cool idea

  3. cool idea great

  4. cool idea,but i wont be sending gifts for you and buy from starbazar just to have little chance to be seen by you

  5. that is a good idea,,i like it,,, <3

  6. i think it is super,,i really love your suite and come every day in,,so for us- your fans that is a good opportunity... :D

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