Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jessiemar Post #2

SO ANYWAYS ABOUT THE DIFFERENT COLOUR THING... THATS NOT REAL . AS I SAID .I WAS BORED AND DID THAT. I DID IT IN THE PAINT PROGRAM.JST take a pic of ur doll and open paint program with the pic and colour! yey!.dont know how to save ur doll? then ask me how and ill edit this post and put it here. ^_^


ANOTHER OUTFIT FOR SS AND NON SS ^_^= (sorry i was trying to make one and stardoll didnt loaded for me ) =( ill do it later ='(.
ps.thanx so much for the girls who added me.
and thanx to ginnycee for making me writer.
and congrats to the other wither ^_^
xox , -jessiemar


  1. that is fakes as if paulina was talking back it wouldnt be highlighted

  2. you didn´t really talk with her becouse those what she say would be lighter! allmost with. That´s so.... I hope Ginny will do something about it :/

  3. omg true.
    she doesnt even know the other writers name.
    ohhh ginnyyyy !