Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Things...

1. The Clubs are down. This makes me very sad. I wonder what stardoll is fixing!

2. There are new Shopaholic Clothes in the Starplaza! A lot of it is for non-superstars!

3a. I designed a few LE clothes, starting with the tights, selling for only 6!
3b. Did anyone else notice that now if you put an item for sale, the tags are at the bottom and on the left side!

4. There will be a fundraiser for Stardoll Fanatic coming soon! It will be starting soon! We will have raffles, auctions, a lottery, and other fun things!



  1. Hi! I'd like to know, how you put that: ginnycee is my name
    stardoll is my game thing, how you make that??

  2. yea i wanna no wats goin on in da clubs???
    i miss dem!!! :(

  3. It makes me so angry, cause stardoll have delete alot of freeclub...where peoples write the free stuff, and i mean isnt that bitchy??

    I mean this site should be where you can get fun, but the stardoll admin juts want money!

    I mean money isnt is more importen

    What do you think guys???
    I am really worried cause maybe they delete my club right now

    my name is Lovedisney1 if your with me or not

  4. The clubs are open again. ;DDD

  5. Hello everybody there's a lipstick for 0 stardollars in the shop just click shop and there it is bye bye

    Jenny_li_happy visit me !

  6. Lipstick Free Red..!
    By: VitoriaLK

  7. Hello Im
    Im am having a huge Saleeeeeee everthing under 10$$$$$$
    a few hotbuys left hurry hury stocks are limtied

  8. I guess the clubs were down, becaue all the members could edit the clubs.
    They could delete/edit forums, and delete members, and all the things the owner normally can.

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  10. I know how to get those Stardoll is my name things ...

    go to your mypage

    then look for a subtitle that says: medoll - the box around it is purple

    then copy the embed

    go back to your site

    click on HMTL format - this is for blogger

    then paste the embed

    the click back to Compose

    then add a few tags

    then click submit

    after that click on View Blog

    then you should see something like this :

    follow this link and you'll see :

  11. Visit my clog

  12. visit mine, its a new one. But I am trying really hard to make it like your one!

    xx :) Missy_Mimi_24