Friday, February 6, 2009

Styled Outfits for SS and NSS. =]

NonSuperStar Outfit:
24 stardollars!
*leopard leggings - 5
*satin bra - 3
*station necklace - 3
*audrey boots - 4
*tube top - 4

SuperStar Outfit!
24 Stardollars.
*zebra pants - 6
*high heeled boots - 5
*fudge top - 5
*rio top - 8

Styled Outfits of the Week
Hey everyone!
I know Ginny did something like this a few weeks ago.
I am just changing it up a bit.
Both my outfits cost the same and they are unique - something you might not pick out for your stardoll.
So non superstars - you can still dress as cool as superstars! you just have to be creative.
Hope you enjoy =]
Talk Soon..


  1. Sorry, but i still think that the superstar outfit is way better..
    oh... and by the way...
    I'll be looking forward to read more of your articles/posts... =)

    cya later... <33
    Please visit my suite too!

  2. I think they both were cool! :D

  3. tell me how u take pictures of ur suite plz

  4. Thank you everyone=]
    ahem listen up - i will tell you in my next post~
    sweet_cute_girl- thank you so much. and i will =]

  5. isnt the first outfit 19 stardollars?

  6. i actually like the non-superstar more haha
    and I'm a superstar.

    add me on stardoll my name is clasixx

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