Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tips For Saving Stardollars!

Tips for Superstars

1) Look at the comments on superstar dolls, people are always advertising their sale, but it doesn't reach a wide audience, so you get great deals, and others do not know about it! Today, I got the Pink Voile Dress for 2, the Belt Front Halter Dress (the free email dress!) for 3, the Printed Fairy Dress for 4, and the Blue Voile Dress with Flowers for 4!
2) Make a spending limit for yourself each day! Don't buy things that are over 10sd unless they are HBs
3) Sell items you never wear! They may even be worth 60!!

Tips for Non-Superstars

1) Log in every day, even if you don't feel like playing
2) Get as much free stuff as you can!
3) Earn a ton of Starpoints, and save up your earned Stardollars!



  1. this stuff is so true. when i was superstars i found the Abbey DAWN shirt for 3sd coz i looked for comments in the magazine.

  2. I'm superstar.
    I agree with 3 from SS
    I don't understand the people that have more than 5 sortages of clothes and they don't even wear the old ones.
    I have only 3 sortages...

  3. I am not superstar and i have 50 stardollars:)

  4. I wish stardoll gave everyone a free 5 stardollars every other week! That way, I would never get bored.

  5. I think that there should be more free stuff on stardoll. for ss and nonss

  6. on stardoll my friend got and email saying to pick a dress because she had signed up for the 1 stardoller a day forum but so did my other friend how come i haven't got the email and i have signedf up too? and can someone email me if they have the crazy print shiort because i'm dying to get it ask banannie1 for my name on stardoll not my real name thanks!

  7. hi i reccon non superstars should get 50 sd every month and heaps of free stuff but i reccon stardoll is cool and if u didnt have to earn ur coins it wouldnt b fun!
    my stardoll accounts name is TinkerTayzbell so plz vist

  8. Hi i think non superstars should get 10 sd every week because on my account i cant conferm my email cuz it wouldnt let me so im broke and i realy want to buy somthing but i cant so thats why i reccon it should be like that, by the way my account name is Sk8erboy

  9. I think ss shuldd get about 5-10 stardollars a day.

  10. I don't think that there should be no superstars, I'm sorry but thats the way I feel, it's not fair. Plus I think you should be able to earn more than five stardollars a day. Come on people??

  11. I'm correcting the comment above, I meant I dont think there should be superstars at all,