Thursday, September 30, 2010

heyy guys,

i was planning on starting stardoll fanatic project runway on monday....

here are the entrys that i have got so far


now it would make a better contest if i had a few more people so if you want to enter you have untill monday... type you name in the comments or email me on

the prize will be an interview on the blog possibly you could get to be a writer on the blog and also we might have a superstar prize donated

if you would like to donate to the prize please email me on

i was thinking that you would get a few different options on your task what do you think about this? post your view in the poll below.

how many choices of task do you think think that there should be?

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bye bye,



  1. Hi, I had entered previously on the comments of the first post where you said you would be starting the contest. However, you did not list my entry on this post. If you haven't seen it, I am crittercraz in the comments of this post: