Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Orange Simple Dress

Hey! If you haven't already got it, follow these steps to get your free orange simple dress!
1. Log into Stardoll

2. Create a new tab/window and put in this: http://www.simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u=(your user ID)
3. Once you have that link in your browser, after the = sign, put in your user ID (Go to My Page, click on My Account on the tab at the top, go to Settings and your ID will be at the bottom of the first section)
4. Once you have put your ID there, click enter, or go, and it will come up with a page: Teen Simple and Stardoll. There will be a little form at the bottom, fill that out (with fake details) or just sign in if you have already got an account.
4. Fill out the form and press sumbit and then it will go to
another page if the details are valid (the emai can be made-up, not a real one)
5. Press F5
6. Go t
o your suite and it should be there!

Bye for now Stardolls,