Monday, September 20, 2010

Free items!

I'm back with great news!There are some cheats out in Stardoll for a pair of Sunglasses and a green shirt!If you wanna get them follow these steps!
Simply Click and enter the contest!You can write random things or just random letters!

2.Green Shirt!

Go to this proxy :
At the URL bar paste this link :
Click on Ok or just hit enter on your keyboard!
Log into Stardoll and refresh the page!
You'll have it in your suite in white boxes!


  1. It's great to know that you got it!

  2. I didn't get it! But, oh well. Visit me at: HottieStacks1 I am running for covergirl! So vote me. I also allow advetising on my page 'cause I know it can be a pain in the buttox to brodcast!! So just come to my suite.. My friends vote everybody who posts advertisents in my guestbook! Thanks!