Tuesday, September 21, 2010

heyy guys,

i have an interview with emb0411 today since she was the winner of the banner competition sorry that it has taken me soo long to post it...

-when did you join stardoll?

I joined stardoll 2 years ago.

-why did you join stardoll?

My friend Jess said it was a good game so one morning before school we made it. ;] Yeah.

-do you have a favourite outfit?


-what does if consist of?

The free 70 million sandals, The free Aurora dress and a Elle neclace.

-how did you find out about stardoll?

My friend Jess.

-how did you find out about stardoll fanatic?

I just wanted to know the latest gossip and googled Stardoll Blogs.

-how would you describe your style?

Umm.. My style is up to date.

-your user name emb0411, how did you think of this?

My name is emb0411 because im Ellie M B and I was born on the fourth of november (04/11)

-whats your fave shop?

Dont have one at the momment. Sorry XD

-do you mainly buy from the suite shop or starplaza or blaza?

I usally buy Hotbuys.

-how often do you go on stardoll are you a real fanatic?

Stardoll 3-4 hours a day. (No Joke).

-is there anything else you would like to say?

Urmm... Sorry that I haven't been posting nan's back in hospital. And ilu all xx

also don't forget to check out emb0411 & sunset_bird's suits...

byee byye
x0x =]

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