Saturday, August 28, 2010

you thought i was all done? so did i untill i rememberd this... i will be having a stardoll fanatic project runway...
send an entry to
your entry should include...
-why you think you could be the winner of stardoll fanatic project runway
-a picture of your favourite outfit on stardoll
-a picture of your medoll(close up and long shot)
-what you think should be the prize for the winner

each week there will be a challenge and then i will have a vote to see who you think should be eliminated, then i will make the final decision... based on what you thought...

i will need atleast 14 entrys to start the competion, if you really can't be bothered to do all the things in my list(of what your entry should include) then just send your stardoll user name or post it in the comments...
also can you please vote to tell me if i should have the competion...

do you think that stardoll fanatic project runway is a good idea?

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bye bye
tiger_evie_624 =]


  1. I have an e-mail that can't e-mail, so just see my presentation. {I know you said just post your name, but I wanted to follow through with the previous stuff}
    I'm crittercraz on Stardoll. ;)