Saturday, August 28, 2010

heyy again,
i was thinking that the picture of the avril forbidden rose dress and perfume were never posted so here they are...background semming familiar look to my banner... lol
now when i was on stardoll(oviously) i was just having a look at what was new when i found this and i was right next to the sunny bunny stuff aswell so i tried it on thinking that it was from sunny bunny, i then looked at the tag to check the price, no it wasn't from sunny bunny infact it was from no shop at all huh? thats weird if any of you know which shop its from tell me in the comments...
now when i logged on to stardoll i was just browsing the cover page when i noticed that the calwalk girl had no clothes on strange, i refreshed the page thinking that it was just my computer and it was still there why would you vote for some one who had no clothes on?
here is a free cleopatra top surprisingly you dont need any proxys just go to and there you go (make sure you are logged in first) it will then be in your suite...

sunny bunny the new items stardoll oviously(sorry i sux at spelling) haven't looked at the store very carefully as there are heaps of mistakes see pic below...
and they have even forgotten to put the i scream for ice-cream earings in at all...
byee byeee,


  1. The Flower Is From Decades.
    ~ Alice

  2. awk cool thanks for letting me know