Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poem Comp/ How am I?

Hey! I'm back and it's the weekend. The poem comp will end September 1st! That's 2 days! So send me your poems because I have about 5 entry's.... D: The winner gets 1 month SS and 200SD. You have to send a poem to or my doll KyiahGlossy.

My birthday is tomorrow! I have practice so I won't write a topic about it. So sign up for this poem comp. Please :) The entry's will be up September 1st around 5pm ish, my time!

-Cressy xoxo


  1. what ..??? what about must the poem be???

  2. i have one! go to! its called, "My Sister"

    Add me! maggie_cutie_10!