Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Weekly Ginnycee

1) New designs in stardesign!

There are 4 new 'Carpe Denim' designs in the stardesign! Some of them are cute, but not many people want to spend 10 stardollars on a shirt!

2) DKNY Necklaces

I guess this is old news, but the last (I think) DKNY necklace is released, but it is 40 stardollars! Even collectors might not want to spend that much on a necklace that isn't really that cute!

3) Almost the same!

Recently I noticed that the Antidote shoes for 40 stardollars (left) and the Rio sandals for 5 stardollars (right) are almost the same! The prices are radically different, and the Rio sandals are for non-superstars too!

4) Hot!!!

The results of the Hot/Not are in!!

Hot: 801
Not: 319

Vote for the next hot/not poll in the sidebar!

5) No free stuff 

There hasn't been any free stuff recently. Instead, Stardoll has raised the prices a lot.

6) Advertisements!

Not many people have gotten ads recently, so if you want an ad on the sidebar, just tell me! Also, if you buy 2 items at once from my sale, you'll get an ad!

7) Re-Releases

Stardoll has really been getting on my nerves by rereleasing stuff. They also have changed stuff, like I had a tunic that was really cute, and was on my mannequin, then the next day, it was a different tunic, and it was really ugly. Anyways, I'll post next week!



  1. the prices on stardoll is day by day higher and higher.. :S, i need to pay a ad?

  2. HI! I like your blog! If you like mine, please put it on your Blogs list... and i'll put yours too.
    If u do, Remind me please, because if u dont, i'll probably forget.

    KISSES, Balsah