Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Makeup Brand. !?!

Hey Everyone,
I dont know if you noticed but yesterday when I was on Stardoll I saw this :

But the strange thing is, I haven't seen it since.

So I was thinking about this when I came across the spoilers and found this :

My guess is a new makeup brand is coming in.
Anyone have other thoughts or discoveries?
Let me know through my guest book [here] and I will update this post with your thoughts.


  1. Are you sure that it's a Stardoll's spoiler?

  2. cool,i really like it but not if it`s brand =(

    xoxox Lindy_Lohan

  3. Hey. If you want the Sneak Peek of the new makeup store? well you can take the sneak peeks from my blog ( but just make sure you credit it.

  4. hey.!
    you were right.!
    There is an makeup brand DOT.!:)

  5. thers old sephora in the shop search 4 brown and on the last page voila
    my doll on stardoll is kveligirl!