Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Weekly Ginnycee

I will try to write as much as I can, but usually I can only write on weekends. So I'm going to put a lot of stuff in this post!!!

1) Hot!

The results of the Hot/Not poll are...

Hot: 890

Not: 328

Vote for the next Hot/Not poll!

2) Styled Outfits!


Hat: Decades, 6 sd

Necklace: Elle, 6 sd

Top: DKNY, 12 sd

Cardigan: Rio, 6 sd

Skirt: Elle, 7 sd

Tights: Philosophy, 6 sd

Shoes: DKNY, 8 sd


Hat: Decades, 5 sd

Necklace: Voile, 4 sd

Top: Rio, 5 sd

Cardigan: Stardoll, 5 sd

Skirt: Stardoll, 5 sd

Tights: Tingeling, 3 sd

Shoes: Bisou, 5 sd

The Look: tube tops with cardigans, black skirts, fun tights, a long necklace, and a hat.

3) New Writers!

There are two new writers for the blog: Sabrinia624 and kakemonster! Read the posts below to visit their suites!

4) Club Ginnycee!!! There is a club called Ginnycee, so please join! It's awesome!

Club Ginnycee!

5) Decades has been remodeled! What do you think?

6) There are two new designs in stardesign! Do you like them?

7) FAQ: Where is the Starbazar Search? Answer: It is in the starbazar, not starplaza, and looks like a magnifying glass and it is on the left side.

8) Next weekend there will be a St. Patrick's day party in my guestbook! You can look at the styled outfits below for some inspiration! Best outfit wins a great prize!

Please comment with what you would like to see more at on Stardoll Fanatic!