Sunday, March 29, 2009

Black and White Clothes

Sorry I have not written a post in awhile... I have been busy...
I created these 2 looks for superstar and non-superstar members.
Some of these items are on sale and 1 is for free...
So if you like them, I'd go to the starplaza before stardoll stops selling it or changes the price!

Left is Non-Superstar:  Right is Superstar:
Bag-3-Decades Shoes-9-DKNY
Tank-5-Bisou Pants-6-Fudge
Shorts-4-Pretty in Pink Skirt-6-Elle
Shirt-0-Stardoll        Shirt-2-Stardoll
Necklace-4-Bisou      Vest-5-Elle
Socks-4-Rio            Jacket-12-Elle
Shoes-5-Bisou       Necklace-5-Elle
Total: Total:
25 Stardollars    45 Stardollars


  1. The superstar outfit is so much better than the non-superstar

  2. They are both ugly.

  3. i dont like the first 1.


  4. what s free,,where u can find free t shirt?????
    pls tell me...

  5. you can find the free t-shirt at the stardoll store

  6. Gorgeous I think! Do you have any other positions for writers etc?? I would like to contribute if it's ok with you......I have a blog aswell about stardoll and I've been a member since early last yr so I am experienced. Could you please reply in a comment on my blog or comment in my gb on stardoll, my username is Cuti_Babe.
    ~Stardollinsider (AKA) Cuti_Babe

  7. FABULOUS! i dont really see a difference!
    they both look really cute..
    i cant pick which one looks better! =)
    it's so kewl how u compare the outfits!
    i ALWAYS love both of the outfits!

    xx SEE YA! <3

  8. I don't think they are that flattering, sorry. But it's an opinion, you have to be ready for those once you post something. :/

  9. They both look uptown skanky. Too many accessories, and they're very cluttered. Not particularly flattering.

  10. it is great but I think the ss outfit is better then the non ss outfit