Sunday, July 18, 2010

Endangered species!

So hey friends i saw some of your comments on my post..and found out your confusions on the animalistic section on stardoll.. I guess stardoll is still updating it because its makeover is totally new, it has hardly been a week or so after the makeover!! So i think stardoll would be posting the 7th animal that is animal of the month July in the end of this month...

see ya


  1. Flickerwings , I found out where it is !!!!
    To get to Animalistic just
    Click Spotlight, then Contests & Events, Scroll down and on the right hand side there are 4 cubes “Shrek, Million Dollar Mates, Stardoll cares about endangered species, Stardoll Pals and Stardoll Makeover 2010″ and click on the Endangered Species and it should lead you to the page!
    -- Misscherry1- XD

    From lel1996's blog.