Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bye !

Guys , I'm leaving stardoll fanatic . I don't like rude & mean people . My first post was a disaster . Some of you will be happy , some of you ... maybe not . Calling me a noob , is not very nice . I am also very sad because of your comments . Stacy x Star wasn't really nice and ... well , I'm sensitive soul . So I decide to leave . But you can still find me on stardoll (_manja_19_) and on my blog (posted in my presentation) .

Guys , have fun !

Best wished to other writers of stardoll fanatic ,

Ursheei . *


  1. Oh that's sad to hear :( YOu shouldn't let people get to you like that but you shouldn't have to their crap either!

  2. Seriously grow up it was ONE comment!
    Gosh what are you 5?!
    If your going to whine because 1 person didnt like one post dont give up but for now
    I am glad youre going to leave because you had an amazing chance on the blog and blew it over some comment youre supposed to make them happy so why not apologize or improve god bye bye dont come back!

  3. hey hey. to anon. ur a coward for commenting as a anon. and to the blog owner, change the comments ability to "needs approval of owner of blog". and screw the haters

  4. sorry guys , but i'm sesitive . you should respect that i'm leaving !

  5. I respect that you are leaving, but for future reference, you can't let one comment get you down. It's petty and if you plan on pursuing a career as a writer or anything for that matter, you will have to accept criticism. So if you can't handle it, then develop a thicker skin. I wish you the best of luck. :)

  6. i noticed that in this post's comments, the one who said offensive things didnt dare to show his name. cowardness. its him who should check out if he's 5 or 10 or what.
    about those guys calling you noob, its because they are jealous of you because you are better then them. thats what dad used to tell me when i was called rude names.

    i hope i have been of help and comfort.

    wish you best luck in life

    Whilelmina96 on stardoll