Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Banner!!!!

Oh my! i guess it would be annoying for you all...Because i keep on changing my banner!!!!
Ok so i promise this one is the last. And i'll never change it again... [ well its not sure , because i love making banners! :) ]
I was getting too bored that's why i made it! :)

So do you like it or Not ?
see ya


  1. Your banner looks great - I love colors :)) .... I also wanted to ask about the Animalistics in Stardoll Magazine because after the makover it disappeared :(( What happened to them ??

  2. Ohh, I found a link but there aren't any new Animalistics ... Has stardoll forgotten about it?

  3. i am so sorry but i actually prefurr you other Banner because it lookks better but this one is Okay

  4. I love the new banner! I love how you put some of the dolls from Stardoll there with the colorful background!!