Sunday, July 25, 2010

Design Tutorial - 1

So people i have thought of making some design tutorials for you all!
this design tutorial is on how to make the 'LE' design its the simplest ....
in the given photo all the things which are needed are in red boxes-

Now , make the canvas white in color...
Then, take the 1st shape in the red box .. thats kind of some shadow ..take atleast 5 or 6 of them .
in your favorite colors ....remember they should be bright like-

Now take the leaf shape thats in the red box , and color it to baby pink-

when you've colored it pink .. again take a leaf and rotate it...and join both of them and decorate them with those shadow shapes... you can use them small and big ,like this-
now when you've done all this take 2 rectangle shapes rotate them.. and after rotating them change their color,decorate them with big and small shadow shapes and you'll get 'L' -

now do the same with 'E' take a rectangle , take 2 triangles rotate them... which were in the red box , take another triangle rotate it ... same color as 'L'.... decorate it the same way.. Now if you wanna put a circle its your wish :) -
Yay!! you've made the LE design!
so you , liked it or not?
see ya


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  2. Cool some just don't know where to start with design so it's good to show them :)

  3. thank you all! i just wanted to help ;)

  4. can you tell us how you get the hello kitty or Michael Jackson etc prints? i think that will be helpful please thanks