Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fab Footwear!

Even though most superstar things on stardoll are better, there is one exception: the shoes! Most of the non-ss shoes are fab and will turn heads right down to the ground! Here are some of the most fabulous shoes! If you have any trouble finding any of them, just say so in the comments!

xoxo, ginnycee


  1. I agree the non SS shoes are gorgeous but that's it! Shoes and bags are great but what's the point when Stardoll have a bad selection of dresses, skirts etc for non SS :/ I'm SS so it doesn't effect me but it annoys me.

  2. @FionaK20

    I totaly agree, I'm non SS and i can't find nice clothes. Brands like Chanel and Limited Edition are for SS, that's really annoying. And the price for SS is way too expensive for an online dress up game.

  3. i agree i am not a SS but i don't want to pay for clothes and shoes... ANNOYING MUCH the clothes that NS have are just not pretty :( and the coolest stuff are for SS i just wish all the clothes are normal and there will be no SS and everyone will be happy