Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Updates and New Stuff :)!

Hey guys :) I apoligize I haven't posted in a while :(
First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :)
I Know I'm a day early but since Im posting something now anyway I just wanted to say that.

Update 1-

So today was the last day (the 10th day) of the BFF code of conduct thing and stardoll finally sent out an e-mail about it. So anyways when you agree to everything they send u a bff thing, not sure what its supposed to be though,... its the thing in the pic on the e-mail that says bff :)

Update 2-

I also recieved a disney's sing it sign thing with a link to go to the video in the cinema. I think you get this automatically but im not sure..

Update 3-

Also, Remember that old barbie shirt we got that said do the barbie? Well I just found out that there was also a free barbie doll that goes with it! Just follow these steps: (it doesnt matter if you already have the shirt, you will recieve it a second time along with the barbie doll)

go to:

type in:


wait a few seconds

log out :)

Update 4-

Also, there is a new Tinkerbell store in the minishop for non-superstars :)!

Wow that was alot.. <3

Have a great (short) Thanksgiving vacation! :)



  1. thnx fot everything , but I didn't get my christmas tree, I chosen the green one but got none , what can i do. please help me :(

  2. the Christmas tree thing didnt even pop up for me but there is a new scenery contest and when you enter you get a free sweater dress and wind chime thing.

  3. I just tried the Barbie thing, it still works.
    In fact, I already had the shirt, and it gave me another. I now have 2 'Do the Barbie' shirts. ;)