Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's not Christmas without a Christmas tree.

I just would like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING
I know many countries (including mine) don't celebrate it but I think it's a perfect time to celebrate how lucky we are and give thanks to what we have (:

Drifting away from the subject...

It's Christmas soon !
And Stardoll have decided to give SS and NON-SS a FREE Christmas tree !
Just Log in (or if you are on remember me on your computer, log out and log back in) and you should get a choice of two christmas trees. Non-SS can only choose a green christmas tree whilst a SS can choose between a green or a gold one.
Christmas count down: -29 days !


  1. I couldn't get the xmas tree. No offer thingy came up just stardoll as normal... And I thought could you post about the stardoll royalty? They reckon if u've been ss for a year u get to join this club with all these cool free gifts but its invatation only! lol Do u have any ideas how I could get the xmas tree?
    xox Jaz
    p.s im from Australia so would tht be why its not working?

  2. lol Don't worry when u log back in u just can't click the remember me thing! It worked just then...

  3. i couldnt get it before, but thanks for telling us to log out and log back in! it worked for me. thanks! :]

  4. Hmm.. I clicked on it but it isn't in my suite?

  5. i got it yesterday but when i logged today i got it again... and when you write song lyrics here:
    u will get amy dress ;]


  6. I clicked on the Non-ss tree and didn't got it..and now I can't find out how can I choose again

  7. i got the offer but no picture came up to choose so the offer nvr came back PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  8. i got both the non-ss and the ss tree

  9. nothing came up when i logged in how does it work????