Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sale !

Hello everyone: Just to make you aware that there is a DKNY and MISS SIXTY Sales !

P.s. If anyone is interested in blogging/fashion please contact me via gb or doll mail. I am thinking of opening up an Elite blog and if anyone is intrested in becoming a writer contact me (:
A few requirements:
  1. 13years and over
  2. A good fashion taste
  3. A fashionable Medoll
  4. A non-cluttered, nice suite
  5. Good grammar.

Applications are on my Starblog (:





  1. Hey there Stardoll Fanatic !
    I really enjoy your blog its Ah-Mazing & I always follow up on it and am always on :) I do have good grammer although I use short forms sometimes if it is a problum I could absulutley stop short forms on my sentences I love writing my average on writeing is a "4" which is an "A". It has been my dream too write for a blog I promise that if I get this roll I will work full hours with no excuses ! I am not yet, I am in grade 9 I am 14 my name is Bella, well Mary but I perfer too keep my real name out too be safe online. My stardoll name is Chloe.emerson as you can see by my presentation I love to write. I don't have any other blogs, I am great with people I do not hack or scam because I was recently hacked and hacking is totally and compleatly unresponsible. I am as feminen as they come I am really girly I love pink and I will not lose focus on what this blog is about.

  2. Hey, Stardol Fanatic! I really like your blog! I start reading your blog 1 month ago. And my name is ****. You can call me Apple. I have a blog too its for Stardoll and I would love to be a writer. I'm 19 this year. My Stardoll user name is luezone290. I'm 10 on Stardoll because its a fake age. My dream is to write an artical. Any artical! And please hire me as your writer! This is how I do my job:
    Hours: "In Malaysia" 2.00 PM-6.30 PM
    I love to write about:Gossips around Stardoll, NEW free items, who has a cool suite, and other stuff like that!
    I'm focusing about my:exam,stardoll account,i work for.
    Medoll Updates:I love to custumize my MeDoll everyday! Even my clothes. I always buy new clothes under 5 Stardollars.
    My Magazine Updates:You can also check out my Magazine:www.superpopularmagazine.blogger.com.
    I am:very kind,respecting others,a hard-working pupil, always give gifts to the person I loved.

    Thanks for reading why I want to be a writer! And I really want this job to be my future. My future depends on me!

    Copyright luezone290
    Whoever copys this comment, please don't

  3. I absolutely love this blog and it would be a complete honour to help with it. I am 12...sadly but i will become 13 soon. (without the spaces) Please check out my suite; my user is Kakshababla. It isnt very cluttered and I change it monthly. I log in every day and try to spot as much news and new stuff as possible. Im good with grammar as well and have good taate with clothes. Please check out my blog as well. It may not be very good as I just made it recently, but I try my best:
    http://s t a r d o l l - n e w s - c h e a t s . b l o g s p o t.com/

  4. Hello My Name Is Ellie
    I Am An Active User On Stardoll And Update Thiings As soon As Possible.
    My Blog Is StarDoll-Updaters.Blogspot.con
    I Speak Good English.
    I Look At This Blog Every Night.
    Im A Follower And Would Love To Be A Writer For Your Blog.
    I Also Have A Blogger Account (This).
    My Stardoll Is emb0411.
    Im Top At Everything In School (That May Not Help Though)
    Good Luckk Everyone Else.
    And Thanks For Looking At My Entry
    RaWR! Lovee Elliie xx
    PS.Please Dont Copy This It Took Me A While To Do This So DONT
    PPS. Feel Free To Contact Me

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