Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sorry I haven't been posting,
I'm very busy and I just haven't got the time to find cheats anymore,
I don't want to give up on this blog but I fear I'm getting to old to have a cheat blog,
It's just a small part of me now,
I will continue to write but as i said not as frequent.
I don't give a - if you all don't agree with what i'm saying,
I personally think that the younger generation of Stardoll
are soo self-centered and spoilt !
They should get a reality check.
And i fear this blog only caters to them.

I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking of starting my own blog.
It will based on Fashion, gossip and obviously free stuff.

To leave with a good-ish note I come baring free stuff !
Go on :


2.paste this in the URL:
Log in

3.And answer the questions:

(They don't have to be correct)

4. Log out and log back into your account on the official Stardoll page.

You get a special gift (:

Did i make you curious ? :]

*Hurry for a limited time only*

P.S. Dutch don't have to use a Proxy, all they have to do is just post that link in the normal (example: Google) Url bar.




  1. The Proxy dont work! it gets a site with just a penn on and some worthless information!

  2. The proxy site doesn't work.

  3. Yupp ...i got that too ^^

  4. *Use a Finnish proxy site (:
    Just google *finnish web proxy anonymous*
    And find one (:

  5. Emma can you link the proxy you found :D?
    i have like click on every link on google

  6. yeah,pls,do that

  7. It's, with an "T" I promisse I'm not lieing. I swear to god, I swear to my own life. I'm not lieing, plz believe me. If you took the time to try without a t, than try it again with a t. If you don't believe me check my suit (concha_r) and there is there a curtain and a kind of bowl (the 2 gifts) Plz believe me.
    xoxo, Concha

  8. Thank you! it is !!!

  9. it didn't work!!!

  10. It worked thanks so much Concha ~

  11. thank you Concha:x

  12. I used daveproxy to do it and i got the prize thing or whatever you call it

    Add ME

  13. ur welcome! by the way camille.lovee u win a curtain and a kind of bowl!

  14. I got it the kind of bowl it's in my main room on a little table between to moxie purple chairs, the curtain is in the 2nd room in the 1st floor, the one that's full of animals! you can check it in stardoll my account is concha_r.
    xoxo, Concha

  15. Ok, thnx Concha, will see if it works!

  16. It's a vase people...

  17. yup vase that's it I'm portuguese so my english is quite bad. sorry :( sowi ppl :'(
    xoxo, Concha

  18. The address is

  19. i think your right but PLEASE dont leave ive only just started on stardoll and this is making it sooo much easier for me to get along with people cause i have a few cool things! all of you are so nice on this blog and when we read your cheerful thoughts they make US feel happy too no matter whats going on at home! :-)

    please dont go... :-(