Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pet Awards poster and fame items

Hey guys, so sorry I haven't posted since August 31st! I apoligize that the blog hasn't been very active lately but hopefully we can fix that! So I'd just like to first of all comment on the previous post about the fame posters, when I typed in the stuff below I didn't get a poster but I did instead get three items, Panytose, dance bodysuit, and dance shoes. :) All u have to do is follow the instuctions below from emma's post. Another thing I'd like to point out while im posting is the Pet awards poster anyone in the US atuomatically gets. If ur not in the US go to, type in in the url bar, and log in. Then once u get the poster u get a free puppy :) Enjoy! Comment with any questions.
UPDATE: For some reason u do NOT get the puppy, i don't no why but it's currently not working, I'll let u no if/when it does.


  1. i didn't get the free puppy... but i did get the poster... how do u get the freee puppy anyway?

  2. I didn't even get the poster!!! That's not fair!!!! p.s. I live in the U.S.!!!

  3. o well u shuld have gotten the poster :( but yes im sorry the puppy is not availible for some reason, i will post an update if/when it is.

  4. when i go to they don't bring me to

  5. jojo-rlly? o well im sure u can try a diff proxy website and it will b the same thing

  6. HI im sugar2m31 ummmm I think you should use because its actually for uk members. I have it in my suite. Please could you make me a writer of ur blog my stardoll email is . I am obsessed with stardoll, I go on everyday and i have experience with the school newspaper

  7. Becks-I'd love to say yes but that's not up to me, it's up to ginnycee, she is the owner of the blog so you need to talk directly to her ;)

  8. So.... i tried contacting her by stardoll mail but she hasn't replied yet!

  9. by the way, there are new 40 million stuff in starbazar.


  10. this blog is boring. u always write about free stuf too late. and u should do more comps and post more often.

  11. you guys post things a little late..
    btw, there are 40 million members items
    in the starplaza.. and u can send
    40 million members gifts to people..
    the gifts are non-superstar.. ^_^

  12. btw,
    [www. thestardollinsiders.]
    is a much better blog!!

  13. Having trouble figuring out how to take a screenie? Well here are some simple, step-by-step instructions on how to take a screenie! ^.^ ^. ^

    1. Position your screen so that you can see the section that you want a screenie of.
    2. Find the key on your keyboard that says "Prt Scr/SysRq". It's by F12 on the top.
    3. Press the "Prt Scr/SysRq" key.
    4. Open MS Paint by going to Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint.
    5. At the top of the paint program, go to Edit - Paste.
    6. Now you will see your entire screen thing. Press the dotted rectangle on the left side of the screen.
    7. Click and drag your cursor to select the area you wish to have a screenie of and let go when you have the area in a rectangle.
    8. Now go to Edit - Copy.
    9. Go to File - New. It will ask if you wish to save your image, say No.
    10. Now press Edit - Paste.
    11. Add any last touches if you want.
    12. Go to File - Save, name it, and save it where ever you want!
    13. Now go back to the Internet. You can open a new window if you want.
    14. Go to
    15. Click Browse and find your image. Open it. Öffnen Sie es.
    16. Click Host It!
    17. You will see a bunch of URL codes. Highlight the last one, then go to Edit - Copy.
    18. Paste the link in a neomail to me and take out the "http : / /" part! If TNT says it's giberish, or recongnizes it as an outside link, then just put a space every few words. ^.^ ^. ^

    Now, what do you take a screenie of? Well, I want screenies of any wins that are not listed in the "Possible Wins!" section. Abschnitt. I also want screenies of wins larger than 20k NP. I ESPECIALLY want screenies of JackPot wins! ^.^ Also note that this guide only works with Windows. Need a Mac tutorial? Well here's one that works with Mac OS X!

    1. Position your internet window (and cursor, if you don't want that getting in the way) so whatever you want to screenshot shows up clearly.
    2. Hold down ALL these keys at the same time: Apple (the key to the left of the spacebar), then Shift, and then 3.
    3. Go to your desktop. There should be a new file there called "Picture 1" or something of the sort. It'll have a PNG icon.
    4. Open it. Öffnen Sie es.
    5. Click and drag until you can select however much of the screen you want to keep. The dark area outside the selection is what you're going to get rid of.
    6. Hold down Apple and at the same time press K.
    7. Go to File - Save As. Give it some kinda name.
    8. To put it on the internet, follow Step #13 and on from the Windows guide! xD xD

    Thank you Tamia_silverwing for the guide! ^.^ ^. ^

    Or you could do this, thanks to Ik_zei_de_gek!

    1. Position your internet window to where you want it for the screenshot.
    2. Press down Apple, Shift, AND 4.
    3. Now click and drag your cursor from the top left corner to the bottom right to select what you want in your screenie.
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    5. Open it. Öffnen Sie es.
    6. Go to File - Save As, then name it.
    7. Then upload it using #13 and on from the Windows guide!

  14. Swedich/Svenska
    1. gör en Scenery!
    2. Skicka den till: MissisHappyss
    3. Vänta åp svar, om du vinner så kan du få en stardoll present!!!
    (Jag är superstar)

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  16. I got the puppie a few days ago.. but then I didnt get those clohtes ( body suit, shoes...) how do I get it?? Please if you can, answer me from StarDoll mail.. My name is MissBeautyA
    Thanks.. :)

  17. I have a stardoll account and I have all those annoying presents that won't go away. How do you get them to go away?