Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey everyone,
I'm sorry i haven't been posting these last few days but it seems like i'm the only person that is actually writing on Stardoll Fanatic and its a real stress; but i'm not complaining because i really love this blog!
Anyway, if you watch in the cinema the new "FAME" clip you get a free dance outfit!

Sadly this is only available for U.K citezens:(

But never fear! Stardoll Fanatic is here!
If your a non-U.K. citezen just follow these steps to get the outfit !

2. paste in the URL bar.

3. Log into your account

4. Wait a few seconds and log out/log back into the official stardoll site.
(don't worry the clip doesn't have to load)

Sorry for no pics but i just got a new laptop and i still need to download grrr



  1. Awwh. I regulary use this site and I would be willing to contribute iswell to help out if yew want. Lol FREE TIGHTS YAY! haha.


  2. thank you ... I get it ... I'm in france ...

    in the same time i get a poster with a link to join a club "pets awards" ... i found it but i can't join .... can you help me ?

    on stardoll i'm elica_la_vrai

  3. Hi girls!!! If you watch the Fame video from [url][/url] you can get the dance suite. Try it!! It worked for me !!

  4. You don't need a proxy site for that, the fame trailer only came out YESTERDAY.

  5. Sorry im using the anoymous name.. I just wanted to use it cuz i didnt want to use the others. Anywho my stardoll Medoll is PrincessLeona12 AND I got the outfit and the drums. But I didn't get the puppy that u said came with the pet awards poster thing. But I did get the poster. And.. Where do you find these sites like dave proxy my proxy i mean how did u find those sites?!

  6. I mean i got the dog poster thing but i didnt get to join the club. they say tat it aint available. HELP ME YOU GUYS!!

  7. The puppy thing is only available for US and UK countries, thats why i did not write it on the blog:/

  8. Hey, i'm PrettyDay on stardoll , and i found a " new HotBuys dress " to get it go to Starplazza, go search a dress with yellow , white , red , bleu and green , theres a " 30 million members Hot Buys dress " for 15 sd and non-ss can buy it! :)

  9. i cant get the fame clip it has aliens in tyhe attick even on the proxy!!! HELP!