Wednesday, September 16, 2009

40 million members! :D

Ok, im so sorry that i did not post this, this morning and you probably already know about it but it is impossible to revolve my life around stardoll and since im the only person that is actually writing for this blog i'm really tied up with stuff... anyway just to let you know that Stardoll has reached 40MILLION MEMBERS!(Most of the members are people with more then 1 account but anywhoo..) and the only thing that Stardoll gave us members for free was a 40million members sign ! *hurray*
Well we can buy a cake/party hat or for ss a top! :D


Thats it. Thats stardoll for you.

Honestly, i'm not surprised.



  1. wtf we actually pay real money
    and stardoll pays to keep it running so shut up you selfish bitch

  2. yeah.

    you're sooooo fast, girl.

  3. Here no need te be snappin at her like, as she said shes the only one writin on the blog, and i doubt her life revolves around the internet.

    And shes not selfish so dont be callin names,shes jus sayin her opinion.

    Tanx for the blog:)

  4. Exactly! Thank you so much to the person above me(:
    To anon 1+2: why are you still subscribed to this blog if you don't like my work? Your just wasting your time aren't you? So your basically making yourselves look like idiots (Y)

  5. um not to b rude but u r deffffff NOT the only one writting this blog, every other post is something from ME! So plzzz stop saying ur the only one writting on here cuz its getting rlly annoying! :/

  6. Is the 40 million members thing like members as in superstars? Or just anyone on stardoll???

  7. excuse me ! but srudick post things to you know.. hello.. ? you're not paying much attention, are you ? and anyway the other offer about the 40 million member thing : for superstars if they buy stardollars; they will get 40 more !

    [to the comment above] it's all members of stardoll : more than 40 million..

  8. Oks well i wrote the third comment and i take back what i said about her being the only one writing here cos i was obviously wrong so sorry.
    I was just stickin up for her because people wer snappin at her wen shes only puttin things on this blog to help people =/