Thursday, September 17, 2009

New video in the starplaza

Hey guys i'd just like to point out that now when u go to the kohls store in the starplaza a video pops up talking bout kohls and stuff and there's a diff video for each of the three stores ;) My example pic is the one in the candie's store :) I just wanted to point that out cuz ik alot of u guys have been saying we dont post things fast enough and stuff so i wanted to get this on the website in case u start complaining again! loll :) jk



  1. Thanks for the update. But i dont get why Emma keeps on saying she is the only one posting when she went on holiday YOU were the only one posting. & besides you did post about the pet awards poster. I dont get why she is bieng so rude. She is SOOO not my favourite anymore !

  2. Idk who i am to judge... But thisblog is starting to SUCK!, well not starting, alredy sucking!!!!!!!!! Because the "Fanatic of the week" has been there for years........... "Ginny" is being a bitch because she is not letting anyone else put there stardollismygamewhateverismyname thing, she is not posting.
    Everyone in here pretty much suck! No offense.

  3. both of you posted about new things.. where did everyone else go ? and ginnycee, didn't see her much lately..

    [saying to the comment above]
    you're so mean ! how could you be like that.. ginnycee is the one who makes this blog (okay she almost never showed up but) so you can't say 'suck' don't be so mean !

  4. OK, people, I understand that you want updates... but the girls are doing it in their free time, for free, so you can't EXPECT anything from them. If you're bored, go to another blog like this, there are loads...

  5. Damn right I will go on other blogs!! This blog is fucking shit it sucks ass!!! All you writers are fuck ugly lowsy cunts!!! You never post quickly you always do it late!!! go on

    I dont care about all of this shit about rude comments, cuz bloody hell do you deserve it!!!

    And to alsa150889 , what is that crap about saying suck?? you suck?? you stoopid mistake!!