Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Back! Plus new stores!

Hey dolls :) I know, I know, almost a whole month without blogging! Shame on me. I'll try my best to blog throughout the week, but no promises! ;)  Enough about that! Lets get on to the news!

Congrats to my two V-day comp. winners, CoolLaneyBug and xx-noorett-xx!  Also, a big thank you to every one who entered, it means a lot:)        Here are the two winning outfits:

1st: CoolLaneyBug

2nd: xx-noorett-xx

New stores:

Velvet Orchid:

Sorry this post was kind of a boring, it was more of a redemption post; if that makes sense.

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Izzie <3

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