Friday, January 13, 2012


For those of you who live in Australia/etc. where it's Summer, here's a Sum
mer makeover!

The Makeup

Black Fluid Liner/Dot/3 SD
Black eye Kohl/Dot/6 SD
Lengthening Mascara/ Dot/ 2SD
Volumizing Mascara/Dot/3 SD
Orchard Bloom Eyeshadow/ Dot/ 6 SD
Shadow Eyeshadow/Dot/6SD
Golden Fleece Lipstick/Dot/8 SD


34 SD

The Outfit

Shoulder Pad Blazer/Bonjour Bizou/6 SD
Robin Bermuda/Miss Sixty/14 SD
Pastel Bustier Top/Rio/40 SC
Rock Candy white Boots/Stardoll/75 SC

20 SD & 115 SC


And for those in Winter:

The Makeup

Flame Red Lipstick/Dot/8 SD
Cashmere Rose Blush/Dot/8 SD
Black Fluid Liner/Dot/3 SD
Volumizing Mscara/Dot/3 SD
Lengthening Mascara/Dot/2 SD
Black eye Kohl/Dot/6 SD
Sunset Gold Eyeshadow/Dot/6 SD


36 SD

The Outfit

Zegina Jacket/PPQ Of Mayfair/30 SD
Red Tube Top/Basics/30 SC
Ruffled Pocket Pants/Bonjour Bizou/7 SD
Heeled Boots/Film Theory Classics/8 SD
Vintage Rose Pin/Decades/20 SC


45 SD & 50 SC


Hope you liked them! Which did you like best, Winter or Summer?


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