Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New hotbuys necklace.

Hey yall, new hotbuys necklace is out. Costing 13 stardollars and the store being RIO. Not really impressed with the necklace, but I'm sure alot of the collectors have bought it. Anyways :) instead of talking about a boring necklace, I'll talk about the new makeup!!! If you haven't seen the spoilers you can find them HERE. So I'm really exited, are you? Also expect new makeup tutorials in the future :) Anyways my competition poll IS NOW CLOSED. Sorry to all those who didn't get to vote, I'm sure you'll like what the comps. about though :) I will post info about the comp. on Friday so be patient. Bye bye chicas, have a lovely Thursday!
From underneath stardoll

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