Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Soon!

Hello :) I just came back from my holiday in Indonesia, so I'm all tired and blah, but I decided to hold a competition like everyone else, about Halloween!

All you have to do is decorate a room with a Halloween theme, and then follow these two steps.

1st: Write your Stardoll username in the comments
2nd: Write the number and side (Left/Right) of the room you've decorated.

Only post that comment AFTER you've done the room.

So anyway, every year I do a Christmas room, a Halloween room, etc. So these is my newly decorated Halloween room (I might add to it, this it what

it looks like pretty much every year).

PS: Has any one else noticed, or is this really old, seeing as I've been on holiday, that little arrow on the left hand side of your suite, pretty handy mini wardrobe.

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