Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prom Look For Non-SS.

First, I've got a medoll for Non-SS, a prom like medoll.

Accessories Used:

Two Black Braids: 40 SC Each, Splendid, Page 4.

Dark Dotty Left Eye and Dark Dotty Right Eye: 40 SC each (Left and Right), Sunny Bunny, Page 2.

Lovely Lashes Top Right and Lovely Lashes Top Left: 30 SC Each, Sunny Bunny, Page 2.

Lovely Lashes Bottom Left and Bottom Right: 30 SC Each, Sunny Bunny, Page 2.

Girl Earrings: 50 SC, Glam 'R' Us, Page 10.

Mouche: 10 SC, Splendid, Page 12.
Total: 340 SC.

Facial Features Used:

3rd Face Shape, Page 1.
3rd Skin Tone.
Page 5, 1st On Second Row, Eyes.

Page 1 Row 1, Second Lips.
5th Lip Colour.
Page 2, 2nd Row, Third Eyebrows.

1st Row, Third Colour, 100% Eyebrow Colouring.
First page, First Nose.
6th Page, First Hair on Row 3, Hair.

And now the outfit!

Items Used:

Voile, Fluide Long Skirt, 50 SC.

Bizou, Belt, 10 SC.

Fallen Angel, Space Gloves, 20 SC.
Decades, Sabrina Top, 50 SC.
Perfect Day, Beige Fur Stole, 70 SC.

Perfect Day, Rose Headpiece, 60 SC.

Total: 260 SC.
Overall Total: 600 SC/60 SD.

Do you like it? A bit pricey, but you can just get rid of items you don't like and use your own stuff :D

Bye, x-Dani-Harmer-x :)

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