Monday, September 26, 2011

New Hotbuys Purse :)

Hello homies (running out of things to say here, lol)! Did you miss me? Though 2 days isn't that long it sure felt like IT! Anyways the new hotbuys purse is out, nothing special just an overpriced purse. The purse cost 14 stardollars, the store is RIO and it's only available till the end of the month. I was feeling to lazy (of course :) to make a link so I just took an picture instead. Also, what's up with all the dirty messages in the chat box? Do you people have no morals or common sense? I'm not talking to all of you, just some. What do you think should happen to keep the dirty messages away? Not that I have any power over it but maybe gennycee could make some changes (to the chat box of course ^_^) too help keep creeps off, if she could of course. Anyways Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

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