Friday, October 15, 2010

How to use a manual proxy!

As many people asked that how to use a manual proxy , i am telling you how to.
Most of the people nowadays use Internet Explorer or Google chrome .
So , i'll tell you how to use the manual proxy for them.
Just see the pictures below - ( Open Internet explorer ) or ( Google Chrome ) .
Before doing all the steps , you'll have to delete ALL the history . That means your browsing history of each and every day. 
For Google Chrome you can do it by pressing CTRL,SHIFT and DELETE all together. A box will appear , and then click on "clear browsing data".
For Internet Explorer go to tools and click wherever you can clear the history. 
Now look at the pictures below carefully and do as directed. 

Click on the images to enlarge.
The proxy set on Internet Explorer will work for Chrome also..
Then do the steps which were told to on the post.
To turn off the proxy , follow the same steps from 1st, and on step no. 5 where a green Tick is there click on it. And click on OK.
Quite a long post . Wasn't it? well.. this is all i can do.Hope you understood everything.
see ya!

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