Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free lady gaga dress!

So guys , i am Back!
There's a free lady gaga dress , to get it -
use a manual proxy - and port 80
Go here :
Log-in to stardoll! Now change the url to
log-out and then turn off the proxy!
log-into stardoll and you'll have it!
Take a look-

P.S - i hope you all know how to use the manual proxy .. if not, don't worry contact me on my stardoll account~!
see ya!


  1. Can someone tell me how to change proxy I'm using google chrome.

  2. How do you use a manual proxy?

  3. it doesnt work, i dont mean to be mean but, please help me! I wan that bathing suit!!!
    add me-maggie_cutie_10!!!

  4. Hey it works, I got Gaga's suit, yeah when I turned proxy it slows everything down, but I finally got gift. THX!

  5. wow thanks
    Belize vote for me mahaa_777,

  6. love your doll what is your name on stardoll