Tuesday, October 5, 2010

heyy guys,
i have got the first entry for stardoll fanatic project runway and it is from madi309...
stardoll has teamed up with burger king in the U.S and in Germany they are now selling stardoll toys (1st picture thanks to the stardoll insiders)
here is what they look like
now i logged on to open my box and another box was inside so i clicked on it and the message is below... and also inside was a what appeared to be a small music box pictured below...

now i was thinking that there haven't been many design ideas posted lately and was wondering if you wanted more so vote below if you do...

do you want more ideas and things to make in star design?

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also what would you like to know how to make... if what you want to know how to make isn't there then post it int comments below and i will see what i can do also if you know how to make somthing really cool and would like to share it then you can either email me at evangelineya@gmail.com or post it in the comments and i will get in touch through stardoll...

what would you want two know how to make?

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bye bye for now
x0x =]

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