Tuesday, October 5, 2010

heyy guys,
a few updates for you... there is a new shop window dedicated to berlin so you might want to take a look at that...
i got a message today so i clicked on it and i got a gift in my suite and a box that can be opened tommorow any ideas on what the gift is? i will post it tommorow
a new shop is in starplaza called wild candy what do you think of it?

for the stardoll fanatic project runway the people that are in are


thanks to all who entered if i have missed you please get back to be as soon as possible...
now for your first task as shown in the poll you wanted more than five soo i am thinking that for different week ther will be different numbers of tasks...
your first tasks are....

option number one
create an outfit for my medoll (tiger_evie_624) out of my current closet also with make up

option number two
create an outfit in starplaza using only one shop

option number three
design a tee shirt or singlet in star design

option number four
design an outfit in your suite using suite items

these are the options now please have them to me by next monday at the latest
ways to get them to me
-email evangelineya@gmail.com
-put it on your stardoll page
-leave it in the comments
-or anything else you can think of...

bye bye


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  1. i did mine out of interior items :D ~Madison~